Monday 03 April, 2023

Benefits of Using Heating Oil vs Other Forms of Heat

If you are buying a home which already has a heating oil set-up and are considering tearing out the system to replace it with electric or propane then read this article before doing so. You may want to give your oil heat system a try before you spend the many


Friday 24 March, 2023

How Long Have Humans Used Petroleum Based Heating Oil?

Humans have been on this Earth for nearly half a million years according to some expert analysis. Many cold nights have been suffered along the way. Our species has looked for any and all remedies to stay warm through cold and bitter wintery days. But just how long have we


Tuesday 15 November, 2022

Tips on How to Save Money Heating Your Home

The cost of energy seems to go up every year and basically it does. That’s why it is important to do what you can to save energy and thus save money as well. In this article we have put together a handful of tips which should help you save money


Tuesday 08 November, 2022

40 Years and Going Strong

We started operations in 1983. As such, we will be celebrating our 40th year of business in a couple months. The world was a much different place then. But we have stayed constant. Delivering heating oil as was needed by residents of our beloved Lynchburg and surrounding counties has been


Tuesday 03 May, 2022

Cheap AC Air Filters vs Expensive AC Air Filters

Is there a difference between cheap AC air filters and expensive ones? In this article we will attempt to answer that very question. Why Do We Need AC Filters? The AC unit moves a large volume of air throughout your home. This creates a bit of a vacuum at the

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Monday 25 April, 2022

Oil Heaters & Boilers

If you have never had an oil heater or boiler in your life the entire system may seem very foreign to you. Many people grow up with electric heating and don’t give much thought to oil heat until they buy a house with an existing system or if they are


Friday 22 April, 2022

What are the Benefits of Heating Oil?

Many people in Virginia heat their homes with heating oil. All ways of heating involve burning fossil fuels. That fuel is burned and then transformed into energy. These fuel sources are natural gas, coal and oil. In this article we want to dive into the benefits of heating your home


Monday 12 October, 2020

We Now Offer iWave Ionic Air Purifiers

Sterling Oil now offers a new product line that can fit right into your existing or new heating or AC system. The iWave ionic air purifier uses electric ion technology to purify the air and keep mold and other free particulate matter from roaming free. This includes airborne viruses as


Friday 09 October, 2020

HVAC – What Does it Mean?

You may know that HVAC usually refers to a company that handles heat and air conditioning, but do you know what the entire abbreviation stands for? Well it stands for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. The “V” in the HVAC is usually the letter that trips everyone up. But ventilation


Friday 02 October, 2020

Fuel Oil vs Heating Oil

Unless you are in the industry or have had both of these different types of heating systems, chances are that you do not know the difference between heating oil and fuel oil. This article aims to clear up any confusion that you may have on the subject. The difference between

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