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Monday 03 April, 2023

Benefits of Using Heating Oil vs Other Forms of Heat

heating oil for homes benefits0

If you are buying a home which already has a heating oil set-up and are considering tearing out the system to replace it with electric or propane then read this article before doing so. You may want to give your oil heat system a try before you spend the many thousands of dollars it takes to install an electric or propane heating system.

Some people may think heating oil to be an archaic form of residential heating. But there is a reason 10% of Lynchburg area homes use this method. There are actually some benefits to using heating oil. In this article we are going to go over those benefits. 

  • Efficiency: Heating oil is a very efficient fuel. It burns hotter than other fuels, such as natural gas, so it heats your home faster and more evenly.
  • Reliability: Heating oil is a reliable fuel. It is available year-round and is not subject to the same supply disruptions as other fuels, such as propane.
  • Affordability: Heating oil is an affordable fuel. The cost of heating oil has been relatively stable in recent years and it is often less expensive than other fuels, such as natural gas.
  • Clean burning: Heating oil is a clean-burning fuel. It does not produce harmful emissions, such as carbon monoxide, that can pollute the air and contribute to climate change.

Heating oil is also convenient in the sense that you fill up your tank and you are good to go for several months. You don’t have to change out containers or pay a monthly bill. It’s one and done.

You also don’t have to store more than you want to. Your Lynchburg heating oil supplier keeps a large store of it on hand at all times and we are just a quick phone call away. 


We are not claiming that heating oil is the wonder oil which will save the environment. But, we are saying that it burns relatively clean, is very safe and convenient. Prices will fluctuate with the cost of a barrel of crude but so does energy in general. Energy is usually bundled and sold on the market as a whole. That is why they usually refer to stocks for the entire industry combined as “energy sector”. 


Friday 24 March, 2023

How Long Have Humans Used Petroleum Based Heating Oil?

humans and heating oil - a history

Humans have been on this Earth for nearly half a million years according to some expert analysis. Many cold nights have been suffered along the way. Our species has looked for any and all remedies to stay warm through cold and bitter wintery days. But just how long have we used petroleum oil to heat ourselves? We will answer that very question in this article.

In the 1850’s crude petroleum was discovered in Pennsylvania. People knew that this sulfur-smelling concoction had value but they didn’t know exactly how to use it yet. They applied flame to it and realized it would stay lit and give off light as well as heat. So, its very first uses were exactly that – it was used in lamps to provide light. 

A few years later it was placed into very crude furnaces and set on fire as a way to extract heat. Because the process was so new and a great deal of money was spent on research and development, only the wealthy could afford to heat their homes with petroleum oil. After some time passed, both heating oil furnaces and the extraction and distribution of oil itself became much more affordable. But this wasn’t until the late 1800’s. The overwhelming majority of people still burned wood in fireplaces to stay warm. 

During World War 1 heating oil saw a boom. The war effort saw countries around the world amp up their coal and oil production. As a result, people paid to have oil furnaces installed at record numbers. 

The first dip in sales and use was the 1970’s when the oil embargo crisis hit. Oil became more scarce and as a result the price skyrocketed. Things would return to normal in the 80’s however and heating oil use saw a resurgence. 

Today, heating oil is still a primary method used to heat homes throughout the world. Heating oil is efficient and safe to use as a heating source for your home or office. 



Tuesday 15 November, 2022

Tips on How to Save Money Heating Your Home

tips to save money this winter

heating your home tips to save money

The cost of energy seems to go up every year and basically it does. That’s why it is important to do what you can to save energy and thus save money as well. In this article we have put together a handful of tips which should help you save money when heating your home this winter.

1.Water Heater Temperature

One way to save energy is by making sure your water heater is at optimal temperature. If you find yourself having to mitigate the temperature of your hot water by adding cold water when you shower or wash your hands then this is great news for you. Your hot water is running too hot. Keeping it at a lower temperature can save you over $100 this winter alone. Here are some instructions on how to turn down your water heater temp. If you feel uncomfortable doing this then reach out to a professional to help. Remember, your dishwasher usually has its own heating element so this tip should not affect the cleanliness of your dishes.

2. Keep Your Furnace Filters Clean and New

By making it easy for your furnace to breathe, you can cut down the amount of energy it needs to work properly. Having clean and new air filters can save you up to $100 per year. It will also extend the life of your furnace.

3. Thermostat Adjustment

This is the most obvious and the one we think of when trying to save money. It’s worth looking into. Even if you can move your temp down just a couple degrees you would be surprised at the savings.

4. Fix Drafty Doors and Windows

Making sure you windows have proper weather-stripping is important. Making sure your doors close all the way and are not letting air in or out is also important. Having a draft free home can save you bucks.

5. Close Unused Vents

There are some rooms that you just never use that much. So, why not keep the door closed to that room and shut the vent off? Make sure to have the proper amount of vents open in your main rooms to balance the flow of heated air. Also, make sure the vents near your thermostat are open.

6. Ceiling Fan

Most people think ceiling fans are there just to keep you cool. They are also there to move heated air around the room and keep it evenly balanced. Set your ceiling fan on reverse and to a low power setting. You may be happy with the results.

There you have it. Six tips to save energy this winter. Make sure you are stocked up on heating oil and don’t wait until the last drop to call. We appreciate your business.


Tuesday 08 November, 2022

40 Years and Going Strong

1983 in review

Compact Discs Jump onto the Scene in 1983

We started operations in 1983. As such, we will be celebrating our 40th year of business in a couple months.

The world was a much different place then. But we have stayed constant. Delivering heating oil as was needed by residents of our beloved Lynchburg and surrounding counties has been our pleasure from day one. In the meantime we have added other services such as installing heating unit and various types of air conditioning systems as well. Our #1 goal is to make your space as comfortable as humanly possible.

1983 was a long time ago. Let’s take a look at what the world looked like back then.

1983 Events and Memories

  1. The Space Shuttle Challenger made its maiden voyage.
  2. The Washington Redskins defeat the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl.
  3. 125 million viewers tune in to watch the final episode of “MASH”.
  4. Compact Discs break onto the scene and the use of vinyl sees its first ever decline.
  5. Top movies at the box office were The Big Chill, Terms of Endearment, Fanny & Alexander, & The Right Stuff.

Several years ago we started this blog to help educate our customers about AC and heating systems as well as many other fine details about our industry such as:

Now May Be the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil

Spring Time AC Tips

Tips to Help You Save Money Heating Your Home

We hope you have found all this free information helpful. We enjoy putting together tips and information regarding the heating and cool industry and hope that you continue to read them.

If you are in need of heating oil, a heating unit install or air conditioning, please do not hesitate to call us at 434-845-0971


Friday 29 July, 2016

Know How to Keep Your Diesel Fuel Fresh

Refilling fuel view from inside of gas tank of a carDiesel fuel can be used for a lot of different things, but you do not have the same longevity with diesel fuel that you do with other types of fuel products. Typically, your diesel fuel is only going to remain useable for anywhere from six months up to a year. The lifespan goes down if you are not able to keep the diesel fuel dry and stored in a cool spot. If you want to be able to get the most out of your diesel fuel, then you need to learn how to keep it fresh for as long as possible. Here are some tips on doing just that.

Understanding the Problems with Diesel Fuel Helps You Keep It Longer
The moment that diesel fuel leaves the fuel refinery, it is already starting to degrade. That is why storing it properly is so important. The longer the diesel fuel exists beyond being refined, the more gunk you are liable to have floating around your fuel. If you have the opportunity to use your diesel fuel quickly, then that is the best option in terms of it being clear and safe. Thankfully, when most companies deliver diesel fuel, it already has the additives in it that are going to slow down this process, allowing your diesel fuel to last beyond approximately a month. Continue reading ‘Know How to Keep Your Diesel Fuel Fresh’ »


Monday 02 November, 2015

Ways to Heat Your Lynchburg VA Home

mountain leyer level in thailandIf you are new to the area of Lynchburg VA , you may be wondering what the large tanks outside of homes and businesses are.  These are for holding fuel to heat dwellings during the harsh winters.  The standard electric systems begin to fail and will leave you with inadequate heat once the temperature drops.  The coldest months of January and February also bring the highest amounts of snowfall for the year.  You need to know your options so you can be prepared before those months hit.

Heating Systems

Electric systems are most commonly used to heat and cool your home.  They can be an air conditioner or heat pump unit outside and will have an inside unit such as a furnace or air handler.  But they will only heat your home while the outside temperature is around 37 degrees.  After that point, they will run, but they are not able to keep up with the temperature difference.  This is when a backup fuel system will kick on.  You can have a special thermostat so you never even have to worry about your fuel system coming on at the right time.

Portable kerosene heaters can also be used and are effective for smaller spaces.  They are not without risk and do not adequately heat entire homes.

Back to those tanks…. They are filled with #2 fuel heating oil.  You don’t have to worry about your home smelling like oil or breathing in harmful chemicals.  In fact, you can think of the fuel as just a means to light a burner that in turn heats the air drawn in from the heat pump outside.

Benefits to Using #2 Fuel

The safest and most efficient way to heat your Lynchburg home is with #2 fuel.  This heating oil is a by-product of the refining process used in the production of gasoline.  The cost per gallon varies as it is directly dependent on the current price of oil barrels.  Even so, it is a much more economical way to heat your home during the cold winter months.

With an average annual snowfall of over 12 inches, you don’t want to be caught without a way to heat your home.  If your home HVAC system needs updating, let Sterling Oil help meet your needs.  With friendly financing and budgeting plans, heating your home does not need to be overwhelming.  It is also a great time to have a tune up and ensure you have enough fuel before the spike in prices happens during the dead of winter.


Monday 24 June, 2013

Our Very Own Inducted into Worldwide Who’s Who

Our Very Own Inducted into Worldwide Who’s Who – Mrs. Beeler Hensley’s family business, Sterling Oil, is celebrating its 30th year of business

Donna Beeler Hensley Inducted into Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Business Management

Who's Who

Mrs. Beeler Hensley’s family business, Sterling Oil, is celebrating its 30th year of business

LYNCHBURG, VA, June 24, 2013 Donna Beeler Hensley, Vice President of Sterling Oil, has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in business management.

A seasoned industry expert, Mrs. Beeler Hensley has 17 years of professional experience, with 12 years as a vice president of Sterling Oil. As a customer service expert, she is responsible for overseeing business operations and the service segment for the HVAC with her brother, Michael Beeler. This involves ordering and pricing fuel, acquiring the best inventory on the market, assisting with dispatched service calls, and ensuring that her staff is trained, knowledgeable and remains current with all customer needs. In addition, Mrs. Hensley is involved with sales and installation of new customer equipment, fuel lines, repairs to existing equipment, and all facets of the statewide oil business efforts. Mrs. Hensley also organized the company’s participation in disaster relief efforts during Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Nemo along the entire east coast of the United States.

Mrs. Beeler Hensley is 45 years old, and she works with her father, H. Wayne Beeler, who owns Sterling Oil. They are celebrating 30 years of business this year. She attributes her success to her pride in the work she does and in the company, as well as her father, who is her hero, and who she greatly respects. She became involved in her profession because Sterling Oil is her family’s business, which she grew up admiring the tremendous work ethic of her parents. She was in the car business in her early 20s, and was responsible for inventory and ordering cars. After her father underwent open heart surgery, she stepped in to help with the business because she felt a sense of responsibility. With the guidance of her father, participation from her brother, and Mrs. Beeler Hensley’s unparalleled customer service, Sterling Oil Company has grown and flourished under this leadership.

Mrs. Beeler Hensley’s Company is a member of the Virginia Jobbers Association and she is always interested in the future energy needs, Mrs. Hensley is also an Associate for Viridian Energy which was founded in 2009 and is a rapidly growing energy company. They provide an alternate energy supply option to the local utility. When Mrs. Hensley is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband and three beautiful children. Mrs. Hensley prepares food for the neighborhood church to feed the community. She spearheads the community coat/teddy bear drives each year for the less fortunate. Family’s in her area who find themselves in an economic hardship often turn to Mrs. Beeler Hensley’s compassionate efforts, as the hundreds of customer thank you letters attest. Mrs. Beeler

Hensley confirms that her altruist heart is directly from her personal relationship of faith. An active church member, she is often called on to help others and responds happily. In years to come, Mrs. Beeler Hensley hopes for continued professional growth and development.

Sterling Oil is an area leader which provides heating and cooling solutions to residential and commercial customers. They supply a large portion of their area with heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, and gasoline. Also they provide fuel for commercial generators for existing businesses. Often they provide diesel fuel service to incoming vendors to the city for large construction efforts. They install new heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioning systems, and all ancillary associated products. For more information about about Sterling Oil visit and for information about Viridian Energy visit Associate Number: 18575



Wednesday 19 June, 2013

Celebrating 30 Years of Business

H.Wayne Beeler started the business Sterling Oil Company, Inc in 1983

Our Company is a Family Owned Business and We take Great Pride in giving Fast and Dependable Service to Our Valued Customers here in the Greater Lynchburg Area and Surrounding Counties.

Our Company also has a Service Department We Install a Full Line of Heating and Cooling Equipment which included Heatpumps as well.

So Give Our Company a call at 434-845-0971 and we will be Happy to Serve You

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Tuesday 08 January, 2013

Heating Oil Clean & Reliable

Heating Oil is also a clean heat that creates no soot, dirt or odors in a properly maintained system. Heating oil has little negative impact on the environment and for every gallon of oil burned, 140,000 BTUs of heat are generated.

Heating oil is a clean, reliable and efficient way for homeowners to keep warm and comfortable all year long.



Tuesday 23 October, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a K-Factor?

A K-factor reflects your individual rate of usage based on how cold it is. K-factor is determined by dividing the number of degree days by gallons delivered. The higher the K-factor the more efficient your heating system. This is similar to tracking your car’s miles per gallon.


What is a Degree Day?

Degree Days are a unit for estimating the demand for energy required for heating and cooling. Starting from the standard US indoor temperature of 65 degrees, a heating or cooling degree day is recorded every 1° decrease or increase from this standard.


What does Degree Day monitoring mean to me?

Think of it like the MPG (miles per gallon) calculations used for your car. Like MPG, Degree Day monitoring helps determine a particular rate of usage. Our Company tracks the number of accumulating degree days throughout the season and uses this formula based on your usage to determine when you will need another delivery.


Why are annual equipment tune-ups so important?

Annual tune-ups on your heating system will reduce the chance of breakdowns, keep your system running at peak efficiency and will save you money on your fuel bill.


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