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Tuesday 03 May, 2022

Cheap AC Air Filters vs Expensive AC Air Filters

ac filter quality is important

Is there a difference between cheap AC air filters and expensive ones? In this article we will attempt to answer that very question.

Why Do We Need AC Filters?

The AC unit moves a large volume of air throughout your home. This creates a bit of a vacuum at the register where air enters the system. Essentially, a large swath of air and everything it is carrying, particles and all, are pulled into the system.

The air is then treated by running it over cold coils. This action does two things. It brings down the temperature of the air. But it also removes moisture, a key component to having a comfortable cool room.

The system would get clogged in time with dust particles if not for the filters at the air intake spot. Not only that, but the system would push dust into the room which is being cooled. These particles are not good for the human respiratory system.

Quality of Filters

There are premium high-end filters on the market which cost aa much as $15-$20 a piece. Then you have the low end filters which are around 3 to 5 bucks. We get asked all the time if there really is a difference. The simple answer is yes.

The better quality filters are simply better at removing particles than cheaper ones. They are constructed better and usually use higher quality material. This not only makes them better at removing dust but also they tend to last longer before needing to be changed.


Though you can get by just fine on a cheaper quality air filter, you would probably be better served purchasing the nicer more expensive filters. They are made of better material and last longer. They do a better job filtering the air.


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