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Monday 25 April, 2022

Oil Heaters & Boilers

If you have never had an oil heater or boiler in your life the entire system may seem very foreign to you. Many people grow up with electric heating and don’t give much thought to oil heat until they buy a house with an existing system or if they are considering what type of heating system to install.

Recently we produced an article describing the benefits of heating oil based systems. There really are good reasons to consider installing heating oil systems. An efficient system can last you 25+ years.

Modern heating oil heating systems are actually very technologically advanced and efficient. Not to mention, the system is safe. For instance, there are many spots in the system which automatically shut down if there is a problem. There are actually valves which automatically close if fire or extreme heat is detected. These valves are not dependent on electricity and do so mechanically.

If you want to get a really good idea of what you are getting with a modern heating system look no further than this wonderfully produced video we fund on YouTube.


It really is a fascinating system and once you get into the world of oil heating you may never choose another alternative.

Do you live in Lynchburg or surrounding areas and need heating oil? Please call us to get a price quote. We are here to work with you.


Friday 22 April, 2022

What are the Benefits of Heating Oil?

Benefits of using heating oil

Many people in Virginia heat their homes with heating oil. All ways of heating involve burning fossil fuels. That fuel is burned and then transformed into energy. These fuel sources are natural gas, coal and oil.

In this article we want to dive into the benefits of heating your home with heating oil. There are three major benefits to be exact.

I. Safety

Heating oil is safe. Heating oil won’t burn in its liquid state. So there is no risk of it spontaneously combusting or exploding in any other fashion. This is because the oil must be heated and then sprayed onto a burner for it to produce heat energy. Its a process than only your heating unit is able to accomplish.

II. Efficiency

Heating oil is efficient. Heating oil produces 35% more energy than a gallon of natural gas. Just in case you didn’t know, natural gas is stored in a liquid state. It is then vaporized and burned. Heating oil also produces the hottest flame of all heating liquids, allowing it to heat your home faster.

III. Heating Oil Heating Systems are Reliable and Durable

A good system can last you 25+ years. With regular maintenance and supervision the return on investment in very good. A customer wants to know that they are getting the best and most reliable system when it comes to keeping their family warm.


Have you thought about installing a heating oil unit in your home? Have you considered the safety associated with heating systems? If you are looking for the safest and most reliable heating source then look no further than heating oil.


Speak to your local Lynchburg heating oil dealer to find the best deals on heating units. Many of our customers are life long and we love the relationship we have with the community.


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