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Monday 23 May, 2016

Uses for Kerosene

Red kerosene lamp isolated on whiteKerosene is a fuel oil that is known by several different names including heating oil, boiler juice and paraffin. It is produced through the distilling of crude oil. There are two grades of kerosene which have different levels of Sulphur.  Kerosene is a clear, thin liquid typically used for lighting, heating, for powering aircraft of various types and in heating systems. Kerosene has been used for years and continues to be one of the most traditional sources of providing light and heat, originally in lanterns.  It is still used worldwide for cooking and providing entertainment.

It is estimated that in the United Kingdom, over 1.5 billion homes use kerosene to heat their homes. This is particularly due to its clean burning properties allowing it to maintain an increased level of heat, while being very economical to use as a primary source of heating.  One of the primary reasons for kerosene’s popularity is its availability. Continue reading ‘Uses for Kerosene’ »


Monday 16 May, 2016

The Perks of Using Heating Oil to Heat Your Home

White smoke from a chimneyWhen you are building a home, or looking around to buy a home, knowing how your home will function is imperative. You need to know where the electrical source comes from, what type of water you are going to be dealing with, and how you are going to keep your home warm when the cold weather hits. If you are given the option of building or looking at a home that has heating oil, there are some really good perks to using this type of heating source.

Heating Oil Warms Your House Very Quickly

When you are talking about how fast a house can get to a warm, comfortable temperature when you get up in the morning, nothing can compete with heating oil. It burns hotter than any other heating substance. This means that heating oil is going to be able to heat the air, if you use a furnace, or the water, if you use a boiler, much more quickly, and get that heat circulating around your home in a matter of just a couple of minutes. That means, waking up on a chilly morning won’t require you to walk around the house in a snowmobile suit until the house finally warms up. Continue reading ‘The Perks of Using Heating Oil to Heat Your Home’ »

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