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Thursday 19 March, 2020

Spring Time AC Tips

clear out around AC

Keep the area around your outside unit clear of bushes.

It is starting to heat up again and that means using your AC is in the not-too-distant future. This fact has inspired us to put together this short blog that will give you steps you can take to help your AC unit come back on-line the best way possible.

When an appliance as complex as an AC sits for months without being used, steps should be taken before it is used to make sure its operation starts back without a hitch. We have put together these seven five steps you can take to make sure this happens.

  1. Change The Filter. Even if the filter doesn’t appear to be that dirty, it has been sitting for months with old dust on it and who knows what could be happening in it/on it. The smart safe thing to do is to get a brand new filter for your unit.
  2. Make Way For Drainage. Make sure the drainage hole that allows the condensation to run off is clear of any debris. Make sure it is not being blocked by anything.
  3. Cut and Clear Around Your Outside Unit. Make sure there is nothing interfering with the blade. Make sure the fans is not being impeded. Make sure no weeds or bushes are near the unit.
  4. Spray Wash Your Coils. You should take a garden hose and spray out the sides of the outdoor evaporator unit. Dust and debris may have collected in this area of the unit over the winter. You need to make sure it is clear so the unit can “breathe”.
  5. Add a Smart Thermostat. Newer thermostats help regulate the house temperature when you are home or away to maximize efficiency. When you are away or at work, the thermostats can bring the house up to 80 and an hour before you get home it can bring it back down to whatever temperature you desire. This thermostat also gives the unit a nice break during the day, when it is hottest outside.

If you do these simple things, you are truly doing your part to help your unit get going again and preventing problems in the near future.



Friday 06 March, 2020

Upcoming Events for Lynchburg and Surrounding Area

Things to do in LynchburgIts almost spring time everybody. Time to thaw out and get ready for the warm months ahead. But, you don’t have to wait until summer to find fun and interesting things to do in Lynchburg, there is plenty to do now.

We have put together this list of upcoming events for the City of Lynchburg and the area around us. We hope this helps inform you of an event you otherwise would not have known about.

Symphony of Back
The beautiful music of Bach played live for your ears. Treat yourself to some classical music.
Mar 7, 7:30 – 9:30 PM
Heritage United Methodist Church
582 Leesville Rd, Lynchburg, VA

MASH the Play
You remember MASH the great TV show right? Well tonight & tomorrow you can check out MASH the Play. That’s right, a live play with the great characters from the hit show MASH. The play is March 6&7 and starts at 8pm and is at the Renaissance Theater in Lynchburg. For more info check out

Appomattox Oyster & Seafood Festival
Are you a seafood person? Do you like fresh oysters on the half-shell? Well we have an event for you. The Appomattox Oyster & Seafood Festival takes place on March 18th at
Clover Hill Village
5747 River Ridge Rd, Appomattox, VA
Sat, Apr 18, 11 AM – 6 PM

Lynchburg Wine & Music Festival
You can never go wrong with wine and music. Wouldn’t you agree? Come and enjoy the tasting from 10 Virginia wineries while you listen to some cool tunes. The event is Sat, Apr 25, 12 – 7 PM at the City Stadium Complex

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