Friday 19 August, 2016

Our Very Own Donna Beeler Hensley Attends the Women in Petroleum Event


Tuesday 09 August, 2016

The Perks of Using Heating Oil to Heat Your Home

When you are building a home, or looking around to buy a home, knowing how your home will function is imperative. You need to know where the electrical source comes from, what type of water you are going to be dealing with, and how you are going to keep your


Wednesday 03 August, 2016

Keeping Kerosene Properly Allows It to Remain Useable Indefinitely

Kerosene is a great way to provide light and heat to your home when the electricity goes out, or if you are trying to live off the grid in a more sustainable manner. However, many people are a bit unsure of how to store kerosene to keep it usable for


Friday 29 July, 2016

Know How to Keep Your Diesel Fuel Fresh

Diesel fuel can be used for a lot of different things, but you do not have the same longevity with diesel fuel that you do with other types of fuel products. Typically, your diesel fuel is only going to remain useable for anywhere from six months up to a year.


Monday 25 July, 2016

Many Engines Aside from Cars Use Diesel Fuel

If you have a wide variety of vehicles on your property, having your own small supply of diesel fuel may be necessary. Diesel fuel powers a lot of different vehicles, aside from cars and small trucks on the road. Should you have large trucks or farming equipment, then diesel fuel


Tuesday 19 July, 2016

Learning How to Safely Store Gasoline

There are many reasons to store gasoline at your home or on your property. It can be used to power your tools, such as snowblowers and lawnmowers, you can add a little to your vehicle should you get low or should you be doing repairs on a vehicle that is


Monday 18 July, 2016

Unusual Things You Likely Never Knew About Gasoline

Gasoline is a refined form of crude oil, which most people know, but there are a lot of aspects of gasoline that most people are blissfully unaware of. There are some really interesting facts about gasoline that most people don’t have any idea of. In fact, some of the myths


Sunday 10 July, 2016

Where does fuel oil come from?

You probably don’t think much about the fuel oil you use during your day to day life. You don’t think about it until it becomes hard to get. We use fuel oil for many different areas of our daily lives. It’s used for power in our cars, heating our homes


Friday 24 June, 2016

Our Very Own Donna Beeler Hensley Honored

June 11, 2016 – 6:30 pm EST Place: Kirkley Hotel on Candlers Mountain Road Our very own Donna Beeler Hensley was presented an award at an event hosted by The Honored Committee Whitehead Media Ventures and the Event Sponsors. The Award is for Business/Service. Donna was one of 12 people to


Monday 06 June, 2016

Are different fuel oils interchangeable?

Oil is oil, right?  Wrong.  There is heating oil, kerosene, diesel gas and gasoline.  Although all these fuels start out the same, they have different compositions once they have gone through the processing phase.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if you used the wrong fuel in your car

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