Tuesday 15 November, 2022

Tips on How to Save Money Heating Your Home

tips to save money this winter

heating your home tips to save money

The cost of energy seems to go up every year and basically it does. That’s why it is important to do what you can to save energy and thus save money as well. In this article we have put together a handful of tips which should help you save money when heating your home this winter.

1.Water Heater Temperature

One way to save energy is by making sure your water heater is at optimal temperature. If you find yourself having to mitigate the temperature of your hot water by adding cold water when you shower or wash your hands then this is great news for you. Your hot water is running too hot. Keeping it at a lower temperature can save you over $100 this winter alone. Here are some instructions on how to turn down your water heater temp. If you feel uncomfortable doing this then reach out to a professional to help. Remember, your dishwasher usually has its own heating element so this tip should not affect the cleanliness of your dishes.

2. Keep Your Furnace Filters Clean and New

By making it easy for your furnace to breathe, you can cut down the amount of energy it needs to work properly. Having clean and new air filters can save you up to $100 per year. It will also extend the life of your furnace.

3. Thermostat Adjustment

This is the most obvious and the one we think of when trying to save money. It’s worth looking into. Even if you can move your temp down just a couple degrees you would be surprised at the savings.

4. Fix Drafty Doors and Windows

Making sure you windows have proper weather-stripping is important. Making sure your doors close all the way and are not letting air in or out is also important. Having a draft free home can save you bucks.

5. Close Unused Vents

There are some rooms that you just never use that much. So, why not keep the door closed to that room and shut the vent off? Make sure to have the proper amount of vents open in your main rooms to balance the flow of heated air. Also, make sure the vents near your thermostat are open.

6. Ceiling Fan

Most people think ceiling fans are there just to keep you cool. They are also there to move heated air around the room and keep it evenly balanced. Set your ceiling fan on reverse and to a low power setting. You may be happy with the results.

There you have it. Six tips to save energy this winter. Make sure you are stocked up on heating oil and don’t wait until the last drop to call. We appreciate your business.

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