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Wednesday 23 September, 2020

Heating with Kerosene

kerosene heat

When it comes to surviving cold winters, a reliable source of heat is imperative. Many people use electric heating for their home, which typically generates high electricity bills. Others use wood furnaces, which take a lot of man hours to keep stoked. But a large portion of the country use petroleum based heating. Many times this can be less expensive than electric heat and much less exhausting than fire wood heat. In this blog, we will go over kerosene specifically and what makes it an excellent choice for heating one’s home.

Kerosene is a petroleum product known as a combustible hydrocarbon liquid. It is used in many facets of every day human life. It is used for heating, lighting as well as jet and rocket fuel. For many years kerosene was simply referred to as “lamp oil”. It is a very stable flammable liquid in that only the fumes burn and not the actually liquid itself.

Kerosene is more stable than gasoline and can be stored much longer. It should be noted that if a person uses a kerosene heater indoors there should be proper ventilation. The byproduct of any petroleum product being burned is carbon monoxide.

If you are replacing your home’s heating system and are trying to choose between kerosene and heating oil here is some advice: If you plan for your tank to be inside the home, then you should use heating oil. If the tank is going outside the home or business then kerosene is a great option.

Regardless of whether you choose heating oil or kerosene, Sterling Oil can deliver it to your home or business. You can call us today for a free quote and we can have it out to your place in a jiff.


Wednesday 16 September, 2020

Off-Road Diesel vs On-Road Diesel

Off-road diesel

Off-Road Diesel Delivery

There are two different types of diesel fuel. There is on-road diesel fuel and there is off-read diesel fuel. So what’s the difference? We will take a look in this post.

On-road diesel fuel is for cars and vehicles that typically drive on the paved roads and highways as well as byways. The type of fuel they require can be found at most any commercial gas stations.

Off-road diesel is for vehicles that spend most of their time in dirt. Vehicles like tractors, construction equipment and even generators use off-road diesel fuel.

The reason these two have become separated is simply because of tax laws. The off road diesel is not taxed whereas on road diesel is taxed. The on-road diesel taxes help pay to maintain the very roads which they use. Since off-road vehicles don’t use paved roads, they are exempt from this particular tax.


The off-road variety has a red dye added to it and is often called red diesel. This helps inspectors hold everyone accountable and make sure no funny business is going on with their operation. Regular on-road diesel is clear and is often referred to as just “clear diesel”.

Essentially they are the same exact product and burn the same way. The red dye is not harmful to your engine and is completely inert.


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