Monday 06 November, 2023

How Many Gallons of Heating Oil Will it Take to Last a Winter?

Heating your home this winter in Central Virginia

The answer to the question in the title of this article is dependent on several factors. Seeing how it gets colder in some areas of the country than others, location is the largest determining factor of how fast you will consume eating oil to heat your home. But, there are some other factors to consider as well.

Age and Efficiency of Your Heating Unit

Despite what some folks who are not in the know may believe, heating oil is still a prominent way to stay warm in cold winter months. In fact, over 5 million homes use this method to heat their homes in the United States alone. Therefore, heating units are continuing to be built and installed every day.

Newer heating units are unbelievably efficient. In fact, according to one authority on the matter, newer units have an astounding 98% efficiency rating. Compare this to older units that routinely come in at 65% or less. This means saving ⅓ more money and energy in the long run.

How Hot Do You Like It?

The setting of your home temperature can also have a big effect on how much oil you use this winter. Are you a person who likes it warm? Then you will naturally consume more oil. Or do you like it a little bit chilly and prefer to stay decked out in your favorite pajamas? Good! You will spend less money heating your home. 

The general rule of thumb recommended by government experts is that people should keep their homes at 78 degrees in the summer and under 70 degrees in the winter. That seems like a pretty wide variant especially for those of us who are very temperature sensitive. Still, I’ve known people who keep their homes at 67 degrees in the winter and think nothing of it. We are all different.

Can you sleep in colder temperatures and stay warm in your blanket? Not having to run the heat as much at night, which is the coldest part of the day, can really save $. 

Bottom Line

The common sized heating oil tank is 275 gallons. It holds roughly 225 gallons and the rest of the space stays empty and allows the flow of air. The average house uses a little over one gallon of heating oil per hour when running. They can end up using between 400-500 gallons of heating oil for the winter in cold to moderate climates. If heating oil is about $4.25 per gallon, a person can expect to spend up to $2000 to heat their home for the winter. This number can be way lower depending on the size of the home and heating habits of its residents. 


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