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Tuesday 23 October, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a K-Factor?

A K-factor reflects your individual rate of usage based on how cold it is. K-factor is determined by dividing the number of degree days by gallons delivered. The higher the K-factor the more efficient your heating system. This is similar to tracking your car’s miles per gallon.


What is a Degree Day?

Degree Days are a unit for estimating the demand for energy required for heating and cooling. Starting from the standard US indoor temperature of 65 degrees, a heating or cooling degree day is recorded every 1° decrease or increase from this standard.


What does Degree Day monitoring mean to me?

Think of it like the MPG (miles per gallon) calculations used for your car. Like MPG, Degree Day monitoring helps determine a particular rate of usage. Our Company tracks the number of accumulating degree days throughout the season and uses this formula based on your usage to determine when you will need another delivery.


Why are annual equipment tune-ups so important?

Annual tune-ups on your heating system will reduce the chance of breakdowns, keep your system running at peak efficiency and will save you money on your fuel bill.



Friday 19 October, 2012

Women In The Oil Business

Women in the Oil Business

Women in the Oil Business

Women in the Industry
Over the years while working in many phases of this industry, I have come to realize that one of the most often overlooked groups of people in our industry is the women who work for our companies. Many of these same women seldom or never make it into the lime light for the contributions they have made to keep our industry both whole and profitable.

             One of these women works in the manufacturing and marketing side of the heating industry and when it comes to knowing her company’s products, whether it’s a furnace or boiler, she is on her game at all levels. In 2009, I had the distinct honor to present her with then NAOHSM Associate of the Year award (now Oil and Energy Service Professionals) for both her compassion and the many years of dedication to both this industry and a company. A true icon!

            Most of the time I do not mention names, but I’m going to make an exception to my own rule. Julie, as she is known, doesn’t just work for a family oil company that was established in 1898 and located in Rhode Island; she is a vital link to its success. She arrived at this company out of high school and has been a faithful part of its success for several years. Julie always displays a take charge attitude and can make correct decisions on her own, weather it be service related, billing, budgets, or those ever nagging “What’s the price of oil?” calls.

            Some I have witnessed during my business calls to this company and when you talk to the owner the company, you soon learn that Julie is recognized as one of the family and the life blood of the business’s success. Then there is Alice the co-owner and president of a family owned and operated supply company. Alicecould well retire, but due to her dedication to her customers, she can be found daily at the counter greeting and serving their needs. Over the years Alice has gained a wealth of product knowledge and can assist in solving many trade related issues.

Take a moment after reading this article and reflect on a woman or women in your own company. Are they the ones that seldom receive any gratitude for what they do on a daily basis? Let’s not forget that many of these same women are wives and mothers at the end of the day! I would also call them company defenders. Why? Because they get to address every issue from the customer’s viewpoint and shield others from an often stressful and challenging situation, while maintaining the integrity of management and ownership.

             Women rarely get to leave the office (except for lunch) unlike most of the owners and managers and are generally the last to know when it comes to a policy change. Sound familiar?

            I recently had a credit card issue that involved over a thousand dollars in non-authorized charges that were applied to my company credit card. It too was processed and corrected by a woman from my own company. It’s been said that behind every good man is a woman. So to that end I agree and will close by saying hats off to all the women in the industry—let’s show our appreciation when they least expect it.



Wednesday 17 October, 2012

Sterling Oil VP gets to meet the Candidate VP Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Event

Meeting Republican Candidate Paul Ryan Lynchburg, VA


Monday 01 October, 2012

Build With Oil

Build With Oil is the comprehensive program created to promote Oilheat to builders, contractors, building owners, real estate professionals and homeowners.

If you’re an Oilheat Dealer, the Build With Oil Program is your practical guide for building on the success of the national program to benefit your own company. Helping you get a larger share of the builders market is our top priority. You’ll gain valuable advice and assistance in building your own program quickly and inexpensively. And you’ll be offered the tools you need to achieve your sales/marketing objectives.

If you’re a Builder and/or a Contractor, the Build With Oil Program will provide you with the benefits of installing Oilheat equipment in your residential and commercial projects. And it will provide you with the contact information you need to establish mutually beneficial relationships with Oilheat dealers in you area.

If you’re a Real Estate Professional, the Build With Oil Program will demonstrate to you why buyers prefer the cozy efficiency and dependability of Oilheat. And how, by working closely with the Oilheat Dealers in your area, you can get the help you need to sell more homes faster.

If you’re a homeowner or building owner, the Build With Oil Program will show you why Oilheat is the best choice for cozy comfort, energy efficiency, dependability and savings.



Monday 01 October, 2012

Quality Homes Deserve Quality Heat! OIL HEAT


Build With Oil - Why Build With Oil?
Quality Homes Deserve Quality Heat!Builders and realtors alike are well-advised to consider the many advantages of Oilheat. Advantages that add value to homes and make them easier and more profitable to sell. Most importantly, Oilheat increases buyers’ immediate and long-term satisfaction with their homes—thereby enhancing your reputation as a quality builder or realtor.

Research conducted at Brookhaven National Labs shows that Oilheat advances have reduced oil burner emissions to near zero levels. The new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission ratings affirm that oil burners are now one of the cleanest combustion sources in the United States.

One of the main things buyers want in a home—whether new or pre-owned—is comfort. (If you can’t be comfortable in your own home, where can you be?) That’s why the choice of heating fuel used in a home is so important. Oilheat is a smart choice. It keeps families snug, cozy and comfortable throughout the entire heating season—and supplies plenty of hot water as well.

The cost of heat is also very important to homebuyers. Today’s Oilheat appliances offer energy efficiencies 83% to 94%. That means from 83 to 94 cents of every dollar spent on fuel goes to heating the house and the hot water used in it. This outstanding efficiency does wonders for the family budget!

With Oilheat, homeowners have a secure supply of fuel right on their own property. When additional fuel is needed, it is readily supplied by dependable local oil dealers. With over 36 oil-producing countries, the U.S. is not dependent on any one region—and totalproven reserves are about 60% higher than they were in 1985. All this makes oil the dependable heating fuel of choice.

Homeowners will appreciate Oilheat’s safety for a variety of reasons. Home heating oil will NOT explode and is not even combustible at room temperature. It has to be heated to 140°F. before it vaporizes. In addition, an Oilheat system will give off smoke and turn itself off before emitting dangerous carbon monoxide. And having an oil tank allows homeowners to have their own supply safely stored on their property.

Environmentally Friendly
Today’s homeowners are aware of the importance of environmental protection. That’s another reason why they like Oilheat. Air polluting emissions from Oilheat are insignificant, and oil storage tanks offer no threat to the environment. Fuel oil is biodegradable. Oilheat is not only best for homeowners—it’s best for our planet as well.

  • Storage
  • Hydronic
  • Forced Air
  • Radiant
  • Hot Water
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Fireplaces & Decorative Stoves

Oilheat is versatile—it can be used in forced air, boilers or radiant appliances. Air conditioners, air cleaners and humidification systems can be added, radiant tubing can keep driveways and walkways free of ice and snow. Great for pools and hot tubs. Oil can be stored outdoors above ground or underground—in garages, basements, or utility rooms. Many of today’s tanks are even guaranteed against leaking. Tank enclosures can be custom-built to complement the style of home.

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