Tuesday 08 November, 2022

40 Years and Going Strong

1983 in review

Compact Discs Jump onto the Scene in 1983

We started operations in 1983. As such, we will be celebrating our 40th year of business in a couple months.

The world was a much different place then. But we have stayed constant. Delivering heating oil as was needed by residents of our beloved Lynchburg and surrounding counties has been our pleasure from day one. In the meantime we have added other services such as installing heating unit and various types of air conditioning systems as well. Our #1 goal is to make your space as comfortable as humanly possible.

1983 was a long time ago. Let’s take a look at what the world looked like back then.

1983 Events and Memories

  1. The Space Shuttle Challenger made its maiden voyage.
  2. The Washington Redskins defeat the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl.
  3. 125 million viewers tune in to watch the final episode of “MASH”.
  4. Compact Discs break onto the scene and the use of vinyl sees its first ever decline.
  5. Top movies at the box office were The Big Chill, Terms of Endearment, Fanny & Alexander, & The Right Stuff.

Several years ago we started this blog to help educate our customers about AC and heating systems as well as many other fine details about our industry such as:

Now May Be the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil

Spring Time AC Tips

Tips to Help You Save Money Heating Your Home

We hope you have found all this free information helpful. We enjoy putting together tips and information regarding the heating and cool industry and hope that you continue to read them.

If you are in need of heating oil, a heating unit install or air conditioning, please do not hesitate to call us at 434-845-0971

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