Monday 01 October, 2012

Build With Oil

Build With Oil is the comprehensive program created to promote Oilheat to builders, contractors, building owners, real estate professionals and homeowners.

If you’re an Oilheat Dealer, the Build With Oil Program is your practical guide for building on the success of the national program to benefit your own company. Helping you get a larger share of the builders market is our top priority. You’ll gain valuable advice and assistance in building your own program quickly and inexpensively. And you’ll be offered the tools you need to achieve your sales/marketing objectives.

If you’re a Builder and/or a Contractor, the Build With Oil Program will provide you with the benefits of installing Oilheat equipment in your residential and commercial projects. And it will provide you with the contact information you need to establish mutually beneficial relationships with Oilheat dealers in you area.

If you’re a Real Estate Professional, the Build With Oil Program will demonstrate to you why buyers prefer the cozy efficiency and dependability of Oilheat. And how, by working closely with the Oilheat Dealers in your area, you can get the help you need to sell more homes faster.

If you’re a homeowner or building owner, the Build With Oil Program will show you why Oilheat is the best choice for cozy comfort, energy efficiency, dependability and savings.


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