Tuesday 20 October, 2015

Ways to Save Money When Heating Your Home this Winter

Income.If your home is not properly winterized, it will be like throwing money out with your heat.  Snow and below freezing temperatures are the norm during Lynchburg, VA winters.  A few simple and easy preparations can save you a lot of money on your heating bill.  You may even be able to make it through the winter on just one tank of heating oil.

Places You Lose the Most Heat

Doorways and windows are the places where you will lose the most heat.  When you run your hand along the frame, do you notice a draft or change in temperature?  Replace worn out weather stripping with new, inexpensive rolls and for around $10 a door.  

Another option is to apply clear window sealing plastic to your windows.  This creates an air barrier between the plastic and the window that acts as an insulator.  For around $20 and a couple hours, you can cover around 5 windows.

Tips for the Outside of Your Lynchburg Home

Caulking can be applied along the window and door frames where separation has occurred.  Sealing any gaps prevents cold air from getting inside your walls.  If you don’t already have a caulk gun, they are a great investment for maintaining your home.  The gun with a few tubes of caulking will cost around $50 and the exterior of your home will be in a much better condition to shield you from the Lynchburg, VA winters.

Hot air rises, so a very important place in your home to check for gaps is the attic.  Having your attic properly insulated is one of the best ways to properly protect your home, not just in the winter, but the summer also.  Check around the eaves of your home to ensure there is no damage from squirrels trying to find a place to nest or places where the eaves are hanging.  Missing shingles should be replaced and chimney flashing should be intact.

Updating Energy Appliances

For a little more of a long term investment, it may be time to look at upgrading your HVAC system.  Over time, furnaces and heat pumps lose their efficiency.  Properly maintaining them with on time filter changes and regular inspections can extend the life of your units by years.  But when it is time to upgrade, there are often energy rebates available.  With the cost in heat savings, they practically pay for themselves within a few years.

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